Sunday, February 15, 2009

You don't say... no, really

Music: Final Fantasy (the band, not the game)

So, I had this post planned that I was going to write here today (much earlier today, like yesterday almost), when a thought occured to me. Now, this doesn't happen very often, so I figured I should pay attention to it. It went thusly.
This blog is on the internet. Don't write this up here. any random people would see it.
Now this seemed quite a reasonable thought. Anything I write here is up on the interwebs and will stay here rolling around in the tubes out in plain view.
About two months ago, my wonderful Nana gave me and all the other Potts grandchildren (my mother's side of the family and the one I have the most contact with by far) each a nice daily agenda/diary/journal/what-have-you to write in. My Papa, her husband, used to keep one of these and wrote daily in them for several years. I have never been the journal keeping kind of person, but maybe I should be. For one thing, along with this blog, this gives me two seperate places to write in and give me at least a modicum of structure to hopefully keep me writting as much as possible. It also gives me a place to write rants or other more personal things that I would rather not have up her for all the internet crazies (no offense. well, maybe a little bit) to peruse.
Since I had recieved this book, I had not actually started to write in it. Until today when I had this thing that I had a need to write down and anchor it to a more concrete form, and the need to not place it here. So that goes into the book, and will I trust be joined in hopefully short order by other things. Writting will be split between here (which will remain daily) and the book which will daily have something, but as it is much more portable than a computer, will contain full-form writting, rough thoughts and ideas, and sketches (to hopefully help re-spark my drawing).
I posting that I wrote a rant, and then not posting it makes me tease, well then suck it up and quite whining. If you know me in person, the nask me and I might let you read the book, but for now it stays there.

And now we sleep for I have a brunch to go to at 10 tommorow. Latez.

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