Monday, February 23, 2009

Mondays now = cool

Music: Our Lady Peace

So, just returned from having dinner with my parents over at their place. I had a good fun talk with my dad while we waited for my mom to get home (about rocks, crystals and the natural occurence of patterns and symmetry in nature - yeah, we're nerds, get over it). Then we had a nice meal of some lightly broiled salmon with a chutney-like mango-ginger sauce she made, and some rice, portebello's and a nice gvertzdeminer (oh god, no way did I spell that right).
Then we started to watch Firefly. Now, I love this show and have been meaning to show it to my mom for awhile now. I was almost certain she'd like it too, but was not so sure as to whether my dad'd like it too. Turns out he does (or at least like having me come by to watch movies and have dinner with hime more often. I think he sometimes feels left out by mine and my mom's movie nights). Either way, for the next few weeks until we finish the show, we now have a new regular minday thing - dinner and Firefly.

Good times were had by all. Huzzah!

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