Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mmmmmm... stew

Music: Penny Arcade podcast

I do sure love me some food. As I do most sunday evenings, I have just come from my grandmother's house a little bit across town where I hung out with a bunch of my extended family and had a delicious dinner. My family (my mom's side, the Potts side) has a long-standing tradition of sunday dinner. For a while, during my childhood, it was sunday brunch but it reverted to dinner at some point. Currently this is such a fantastically nice thing due to my whole not living at home. Every other sunday I go to my parent's place and have dinner with them, usually my sisters and grandmother, and occasionally some family friends. We hand out, eat, talk and usually after will watch some movie or play some game, like scrabble or whatnot.
On the alternating sundays, it takes place at my grandmother's house instead, and usually in attendance are some combination of my parent's and sisters and a small to large assortment of aunts, uncles and cousins. It is great to still get to see them all on a regular basis still even though all my cousins and I are growing up and moving here or there around the city.
And of course the food. My grandmother is a fantastic cook. And my mom and my uncle Rolf are also great and the dinners usually act as a sort of unnoficial pot-luck. Nana will make a meal and some number of other dishes will be brought by others. For example, today's dinner included such things as waldorf salad, spinach pies, roast potatoes and other vegetables, devilled egges with a cheese sauce, pasta and tomatoes, rolls, ice cream for dessert and the main course.. beef stew. Beef stew that I now have a container of in my fridge.
Left-overs might be one of the greatest concepts to ever have been come up with.
And now I must depart to go sleep off this meal.
See you when I finish hibernating.. in like 8 hours.

Stupid work.. I'll teach you to interrupt my hibernation.. razzle frazzle..

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