Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Music: uuugghh, no music, why am I up?

Blah. So I do not get this. At all.
For thew past two days I have been waking up way earlier than I would like to, and then I go back to sleep for another bit and when I wake up it's still earlier than I'd like but there's no way I'd actually get any more rest at this point, so I should probably get up and start going about my day now.
.... I seem to have switched tense somewhere mid scentence over there. Well, screw you, grammar-nazis. I am tired tired.
Why did I just type that twice? Why did I write this scentence about a typo instead of just deleting it? And that one too. Gah! Stop doing this. No you stop. Shut up brain, I'll totally punch you, I control the hands. I am the hands!


At least today I only woke up at 6:20, instead of like quarter to five like yesterday.

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