Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dear World. Fuck Off

Music: Cheap like Sebastien (Apostle of Hustle) (on repeat to try and keep myself from smashing things)

So, I just had a great weekend. Nice weather that was used to have a barbeque on the beach wich a bunch of friends, some of whom I haven't seen for a while on Saturday. And then today included pancakes, hanging out with friends, then going to see a weird-assed Akira Kurosawa movie with my mom and then going out for beer and really good pizza afterwards.

Everything was awesome.

Except that while watching the movie, some little bitch of a cancerous tumor on the world, came and clipped my bike lock with some bolt cutters and ran off with my bike which has had a lot of time and about $160 worth of parts and repairs put into it in the last few weeks. And there I was left. Standing on the curb without a bike but with a cut bike lock, almost wishing that I would find whoever took in standing around, if only so that I could beat them to death with the broken remnants of the lock.

Probably best for us all that they were not around. I would likely regret that.


I have been noticing lately that I might have some anger issues.