Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Music: angry muttering... grumble grumble grumble...

Today was suck. Among other things and the day just generically bugging me, I had about 2 or 3 gallons of white paint fall off of a cart I was loading into the elevator and crack open - then proceeded to flood the elevator with paint. I then had to scoop it all into buckets and the then mop it up once the amount was less, all while the elevator was constantly trying to close it's door and go up.

And further, while dealing with all this my shoulder dislocated itself again and I had to pop it back in, take a quick rest and then go finish. By the time we got it mostly cleaned up I was this close to punching someone in the throat.

Well, probably not actually, but I did need to blast some music on my headphones for quite some time to calm myself down.

..robble robble robble....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thor is angry with you Toronto... fear him

Music: Stars (calender girl is such an awesome song)

Woo, okay, back to hopefully updating more often.

So, I know that like almost everyone has been complaining about the abundance of big assed rain storms all summer and about how the way hot temperatures haven't started yet, but honestly...

Suck it!

This rocks.

Okay, since I do ride my bike most places, the overabundance of rain can be an issue (although, honestly riding in the rain is fun as long as you can dry off and change clothes after), but this is sweet. I am very much a fall/winter person, and as such I really don't deal well with heat - even the weather this summer has been way too much - so I am so glad that it has yet to pass 30 degrees. So hey, good for it.

And as far as the storms go.. there is basically no weather better than a nice huge thundertorm. They are awesome, fun and incredibly beautiful. There's just something so cool and above all impresive about them. Once again, as long as I can dry off and change after, I love being out in them.

So for all of those anti-storm people, sit down, shut up and just enjoy it.

... on further thought, this all may be the reason behind why I have been nearly hit by lightning 3 times in my life but hey, totally worth all of it. And still have not been actually zapped, so Thor...

You've got crap aim, boy.

(please don't smite me..)