Monday, October 11, 2010

Basia Bulat

Music: Basia Bulat - The Shore,5264

There are so many fantastic singers and musicians and songwriters out there that often some get overlooked and lost among the shuffle. It may be that you have heard of Basia Bulat and that she is much better known than I thought, but I do not think that that is the case - at least not for now. I had and album of hers before and had heard a few other songs, but I get so much music that often I will add something to my computer and then only ever listen to it once or sometimes not at all. I believe that was the case here.

Then my sister played the link to this recording of hers and I was spellbound. The songs I had heard and then forgotten in passing came back to me and I immediately sought out whatever else of hers I could find. She has one of the purest and most beautifully haunting voices I have heard in a while. Her music ranges from orchestral to country and folk, all the while hitting gospel and several other types on the way.

Among all of the great (and terrible) artists out there, Basia is one you should without a doubt be listening to. If you need convincing, listen to the performance of her song "the shore" through the link and then try to tell me I am wrong. Something in her voice just gets inside you and demands attention until it fades away.