Sunday, April 19, 2009

For the consideration of others

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..ookay.. let's give this a shot.

The TTC is really starting to piss me off. Actually, they have pissed me off to varying extents for years. But more recently.
Much more.
Like when a bus driver arrives at the station and you get on the bus.. and then he gets off the bus and goes off with the driver of another bus waiting in the station and they go have a nice old TWENTY MINUTE LONG SMOKE BREAK off to the side of the platform or something and leave all the people in the vehicles to just wait.
Such a thing happend to me. Tonight. About a half hour ago.
I am trying to get home. It's late. I am at Broadview station and just have to catch a bus up Broadvies to my house. There are 3 different buses that all go past my place (the 8, 87 and 100), and another that goes close enough that I could walk it (the 62). Shouldn't be too hard to get home. I wait for a while and then I see the first bus, the 8, drive up to the station.
But doesn't enter it. It parks outside the station and the driver gets out and goes to talk with the drivers of the 2 streetcars thatare idling in the station. And the 3 of them have a grand old time talking about whatever - whatever doesn't seen to include driving a fucking bus, though.
Well, after a while of this the 62 shows up. Since this bus actually came into the station, I went over and got into it. And it sat there.
And sat there.
And sat there.
And sat there until the driver of the 8 got back into his bus and drove into the station and paused there for about a minute. Long enough for a few people to board, but not nearly long enough for me to get off the 62 and walk the length of platform to get onto the 8. So it drives off and I sit there in the 62 a while more. But it has gotten cold, and my foot is sore, so I decide that I really shouldn't walk the distance that taking the 62 would require. So I get off and the 62 immediately drives off.
So now 2 of the 4 buses are gone, along with quite a lot of time. Eventually the 100 shows up and drives into the station and me and all the others waiting for buses board it as the driver GETS OFF. And then he goes over and greets his friend the streetcar driver idling across the platform with an exhuberant "Hey!" and a complicated handshake. The two of them go to his streetcar to grab his bag and then wander off to the edge of the station to have a smoke (illegal by the way - they are still on TTC property). So we wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and the 87 shows up and parks.
Now, I could get up and switch over to the 87 but it just arrived and the 100 has been in the station for ages, so logic dictates that the 100 will leave first, right?
Yeah... no. The 87 leaves almost immediately and I am left sitting on the last of the 4 buses with all of the other pissed off tired travellers. The driver eventually gets back after a 15-20 minute smoke break and both him and the streetcar driver get in their respective vehicles and drive out of the station. They way that Broadview is built means that is a bus and a streetcar leave at the same time they pass each other as they both circle out of the station's roundabout - which they did. And then felt the need to both stop as they passed to say hi again cause it had been a whole minute since they saw each other last.
Did I mention that when buses and streetcars pass each other on the way out they are on Broadview? Well they are. So these guys stopped to block both the north and south lanes of Broadview along with the unlucky motorists stuck behind them.
The two drivers managed to tear away from each other after a tearful but thankfully brief goodbye and finally I am on my way north up the road to home and my bed.

Did I mention that the bus driver rocketed straight through a red light at Mortimer - the largest intersection on my trip home?

Fucking asshole clowns.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I don't know but I been told, every little thing been bought and sold

Music: Handsome Furs

Why is it that, as an adult, you can never actually fix things. It's just not possible once you reach a certain point in life to actually fix something that is wrong. Now, I know this sounds really lame and emo, but let me explain what I mean.

As a kid growing up, if you have some problem that needs dealing with, then you drop everything else, pause your life, and just concentrate on making that particular problem better. And things will become better, because not only do kids bounce back from anything but properly solving something requires concentration and dedication to making it better. Specific example - I have a recently fractured foot and a shoulder that keeps dislocating itself. Now, to fix the foot basically just requires me to wrap it in tensor bandages, keep off it as much as possible and use crutches to get around when I need to go somewhere.

First problem, I have to be very very careful using crutches because if I were to put too much weight on the left crutch in the wrong way, then it will cause my still damaged shoulder to pop out again - if I put the weight wrong, I can actually feel the joint of my shoulder seperate as the crutch insidiously slides into my shoulder. Now to fix this would seem like I just have to not use crtuches.. oh wait.. then I am incapable of moving around at all for a period of several weeks.

Not cool, dammit.

Which leads to the next problem. If you were to do a similar injury to youself as a kid, then you just take the time off school - totally awesome, right? Except, I can't just take the neccesary month or whatever of work because I need money. Let's see..
..assorted medical stuff (expenses related to the injuries, going to the dentist which I haven't done in a year, and oh yeah.. diabetes. yet more money)
These all require me to go back to work earlier that I probably should've. Because as an adult (well, as most adults. Those with apartments but no crazy trust funds or whatever), you cannot just take a month off work to heal because bills do not just stop pilling up if you are not at work. You still need to pay for that apartment that you will be sitting around healing in.
Things can no longer just be put on hold while you deal with one issue at a time.. fix A, then fix B once A is all better, then fix C, and when everything is all fine again go back to the normal routine. It just doesn't work that way anymore past a certain point of life.

And that just sucks.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is not funny to me

Seriously. Fuck this weather. Fuck it hard.
If the snow were actually anthropomorohized (put in people form), then I would find some way to brutally murder mother nature and frame snow for the killing so that it would get sent to some horrible prison for natural phenomenon, where I would bribe the warden to switch his cells so that he becomes the personal rape-buddy of some giant-biker-guy equivalent of phenomenom.. Maybe like earthquakes. Or something like meteor strike.
Yeah. If I could I would make April snowfalls get raped by meteor strikes in nature prison.
Woah.. what does that all even mean..
It's not even that it's snowing a week into April. I can deal with that. It would piss me off, but I could deal.
It's the fact that now, as I hobble around limping on my fucked up foot, all of the goddam ground is coated in ice.
And it's really windy. Windy enough to knock the already wobbly cripple-me over if I am not careful while walking on ice.
So, maybe that first rant was harsh, but fuck it. This weather deserves it.

.. also, I know I haven't written in weeks, and this is a very angry post to start back up on, but so goddam what.