Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is not funny to me

Seriously. Fuck this weather. Fuck it hard.
If the snow were actually anthropomorohized (put in people form), then I would find some way to brutally murder mother nature and frame snow for the killing so that it would get sent to some horrible prison for natural phenomenon, where I would bribe the warden to switch his cells so that he becomes the personal rape-buddy of some giant-biker-guy equivalent of phenomenom.. Maybe like earthquakes. Or something like meteor strike.
Yeah. If I could I would make April snowfalls get raped by meteor strikes in nature prison.
Woah.. what does that all even mean..
It's not even that it's snowing a week into April. I can deal with that. It would piss me off, but I could deal.
It's the fact that now, as I hobble around limping on my fucked up foot, all of the goddam ground is coated in ice.
And it's really windy. Windy enough to knock the already wobbly cripple-me over if I am not careful while walking on ice.
So, maybe that first rant was harsh, but fuck it. This weather deserves it.

.. also, I know I haven't written in weeks, and this is a very angry post to start back up on, but so goddam what.

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  1. this is my favorite post so far...keep up the good work!!

    (maybe more cuss words next time)