Saturday, March 21, 2009

Damn you! It was earth all along... well, not really

Music: Handsome Furs (just got this album, and man, do they kick ass. it's like a more acoustic folish version of Wolf Parade - but not actually acoustic folk)

Man, uhh.. just watched the series finale of Battlestar - y'know, I don't actually know if anyone who reads this watches that show.. eh, whatevs - and it was totally awesome.

Well, mostly.

Of course there are parts that bugged me, and there are lots of bits that I don't get what they were going for or I don't feel wrapped up that dangling plot thread, but overall that was a pretty damn well done wrap up for a series so long and convoluted, with so many seperate plots running in parralel and an assortment of mini serieses, tv movies and webisode sets that you maybe didn't know where in the timeline they fit or just watched them out of order. But hey, every show has it's problems. And especially series finales. And especially series finales of crazy-assed space operas (goddamn do I love me some good ole space opera - as long as it is good space opera. Bad ones suck *cough*andromeda*cough*).

Crazy-assed space operas - you fucking rock.

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