Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gimps don't get slippers

I feel so useless currently. Here I am hanging around at my parents' house all day with my messed-up foot doing nothing much at all. And all around me there is piles of stuff that needs doing. They are currently moving all of the stuff out of the back portion of the house to prep for having an extension built onto the house. And at this same time they are trying to solve a termite problem by getting the house ready to fill with nasty chemicals. And here I sit doing nothing.
What the hell. Alex - my bully of a big sister - just stole the pair of slippers I was wearing. I took the one I was wearing off for a sec while I was here at the computer and she stole them. Cause according to her "gimps with only one usable foot don't get to have slippers. It's inneficient use of slippers." And so now she has taken the slippers and left me here without a slipper to wear.


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