Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday is the new Thursday is the new Friday

Music: Penny Arcade podcast

So, just got in from going out for "a beer" with Krista. Ended up being a beer/wine, some food, and 3 martini's apeice (curse you martini wednesdays! ... you'd really expect martini mondays or something. Alliteration often tests well with the focus groups). Well, now here I am getting in at 1:00 on a wednesday with several hefty martinis in me on a wednesday - well I guess thursday now, whatevs.
I was drinking something.. can't remember the names - it was like a warna warrior or some stupid-assed name. The thing should been called an angry smurf in my opinion (it was bright blue). In fact, I want to create an Angry Smurf drink now. Gotta go get a bottle of blue curacao.
I love coloured mixed drinks. I am a fan of mixed drinks, period. But brightly coloured ones are extra awesome. The kinda ones where the colour isn't just a side effect of the drink (like all of those clear/brown/pinkish/red/whatever drinks), but is actually a part of the drink. Blue and purple especially rock.

Especially purple ones.

God, I gotta go sleep. Latez..

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