Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Haagen days

Music: Vinicion Capossela

Haagen Dazs may be the finest ice cream availiable from grocery stores. You can get better stuff at certain ice cream shops *cough* St. Clair's *cough* but as far as stuff commercially availiable in grocery stores, it's haagen dazs all the way. That shit is the shit. Unfortunately what I am currently eating in strawberry. Now don't get me wrong, I like their strawberry, and I would probably like all their other crazy "New Flavour"s if I were ever to actually try those new flavour, but really, it's all about plain old chocolate, and plain old coffee.
The two classics. They're just so good.
God, now I wish I had some of those even thought I am eating ice cream as we speak.. well, as I speak I guess really. But, to my sorrow, when I decided to get some haagen dazs the other week (I shouwed remarkable restraint in having it last this long) they were out of both chocolate and coffee. They had everything else, but not those two.

Don't that just suck.

Maybe I'll get some next time I go shopping.. no, be strong.. wait a bit at least.

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  1. i like ben and jerry's...the new york super fudge chunk is my fav...although i can't eat it..cause of the old intolerance to lactose..dammit.