Monday, March 16, 2009

Doctor Spaceman!

Well, as I dislocated my shoulder last friday.. did I write about that? I think I did.. I went to go get it checked out today. Well, I haven't had a doctor since I was a little kid other that diabetes related ones, but I had been meaning to go see my dad's doctor and sign on with that guy for regular check-ups and so this seemed a perfect opportunity to go over and do just that (two birds and all that..).
My dad's doctor is awesome (I had been to see him once before but this was years ago). He's a good doctor - which I fucking expect, but he's also just a nice guy. My dad always refers to him as "my buddy Renceford" and I guess he's my buddy Renceford too now.
Anyways, had a quick chat with him, everything is probably fine. I'mma go get an x-ray of it tommorow just to be sure it's nothing long term, but all seems good.
Way ta go arm.. you're fuckin hardcore.

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