Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vampires are weird

So, just started watching this Tru Blood show on the recomendation of my cousin.
Two episodes in and so far I am loving it. The characters are all cool, fleshed out and well played and there's lots of variation in them while still all being consistent to the show and setting. Concept is a neat one and they seem to be bringing up some good ideas and points. Only real complaint is that, so far at least, all of the vampires except for the main one all just seem like classic "ooh, look at us, we are gothy and spooky" charicatures of themselves. But this is a minor thing that I bet will improve later as more are introduced. But loving it so far.

Also, main character is Anna Paquin, and that's never a problem.

She's fucking gorgeous, and that accent... ahh, wonderful.

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