Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh my god! They're everywhere

So, The other day I was talking with a friend at work and for some reason the suggestion came up of making a giant army of clones of her - but not like obedient mind controlled clones. Just free-willed copies wandering the city by the hundreds. Of course though, then you wind up with crowds of.. y'know, I think I will use Krista's system of nicknames for people I write about in here.
Crap. This then means that I am talking about an army of cloned Dopples running around.
Heh, dopple dopples...
Anyways, then you have hordes of dopple clones hanging around on street corners all over the city bein all sassy and sarcastic. It'd just be too much to take. Just so many of em. This'd then lead to her having to gather the dopples that she trusted to go form a secret guerrila vigilante group to fight off the other dopples. But how would you tell them apart? They could all be slightly different. Like one is louder, and one likes the colour blue, and one is more timid, and one is even sassier then the template. Kinda like a set of personality trait sliders for each of em.
Then she started saying that there'd need to be an equal number of krista clones, but that is just a terrifying thought. So much snarky sarcasm. The city just couldn't take it. Besides, the krista clones'd totally fight each other until one'd take over and subjugate all the others and stand around drinking coffee with one hand and taking the coffees of other krista's with the other and ordering some more timid kristas to hold all the spoils of war she'd taken off of the others.
God, clones get confusing.

If there was a clone army of me, I don't think we'd fight or really do all that much. Just kinda kickin back and occasionally heckling passerbys.

Oh, and eating all the candy in the city.

They'd have to airdrop more in to placate us...


  1. laughingoutloud smileyface thumbsup winkingface laughingmyassoff ...and so on..

  2. left on lights... rhino opening twelve fanciful lagoons.... acronyms are weird