Saturday, March 21, 2009

Damn you! It was earth all along... well, not really

Music: Handsome Furs (just got this album, and man, do they kick ass. it's like a more acoustic folish version of Wolf Parade - but not actually acoustic folk)

Man, uhh.. just watched the series finale of Battlestar - y'know, I don't actually know if anyone who reads this watches that show.. eh, whatevs - and it was totally awesome.

Well, mostly.

Of course there are parts that bugged me, and there are lots of bits that I don't get what they were going for or I don't feel wrapped up that dangling plot thread, but overall that was a pretty damn well done wrap up for a series so long and convoluted, with so many seperate plots running in parralel and an assortment of mini serieses, tv movies and webisode sets that you maybe didn't know where in the timeline they fit or just watched them out of order. But hey, every show has it's problems. And especially series finales. And especially series finales of crazy-assed space operas (goddamn do I love me some good ole space opera - as long as it is good space opera. Bad ones suck *cough*andromeda*cough*).

Crazy-assed space operas - you fucking rock.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gimps don't get slippers

I feel so useless currently. Here I am hanging around at my parents' house all day with my messed-up foot doing nothing much at all. And all around me there is piles of stuff that needs doing. They are currently moving all of the stuff out of the back portion of the house to prep for having an extension built onto the house. And at this same time they are trying to solve a termite problem by getting the house ready to fill with nasty chemicals. And here I sit doing nothing.
What the hell. Alex - my bully of a big sister - just stole the pair of slippers I was wearing. I took the one I was wearing off for a sec while I was here at the computer and she stole them. Cause according to her "gimps with only one usable foot don't get to have slippers. It's inneficient use of slippers." And so now she has taken the slippers and left me here without a slipper to wear.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Okay, seriously, I suck

What the f? How the hell did I do this?
I got up this morning to get ready for work and then proceeded to fracture my foot.
How did I do this you ask?
Was I climbing a mountain?
Was I stunt biking?
Was I playing the sports?
Was I fighting a bear (or other sufficiently hardcore animal)?
No. I was walking across my living room, safe within the confines of my apartement. So now I don't even have a cool story to go with it (other than "I am retarded" but we all know that one). We are currently accepting submissions of sufficiently awesome bullshit to tell people when asked what happened. Multiple different stories are welcome (always play with their minds).
But, the rediculous thing (other rediculous thing?) is that over the course of my life I have had like maybe two x-rays (other than of my teeth for braces). And now I have been to the same x-ray lab twice within a span of about 17-18 hours. The receptionist recognized me as "that guy here for a shoulder x-ray last night and do you need to get another one of your shoulder and just how exactly did you go from shoulder to foot in such a short period of time are they connected somehow or are you just an idiot..." and so on.
God, felt like such a tool.
So, here I am with a tensor bandage and an ice pack and some crutches (and an honest-to-god doctor's note. Don't think I have ever had to get one of those before). Basically everything you'd get for something like this short of an actual cast. Hopefully it gets easier to walk soon. Crutches are obnoxious.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Doctor Spaceman!

Well, as I dislocated my shoulder last friday.. did I write about that? I think I did.. I went to go get it checked out today. Well, I haven't had a doctor since I was a little kid other that diabetes related ones, but I had been meaning to go see my dad's doctor and sign on with that guy for regular check-ups and so this seemed a perfect opportunity to go over and do just that (two birds and all that..).
My dad's doctor is awesome (I had been to see him once before but this was years ago). He's a good doctor - which I fucking expect, but he's also just a nice guy. My dad always refers to him as "my buddy Renceford" and I guess he's my buddy Renceford too now.
Anyways, had a quick chat with him, everything is probably fine. I'mma go get an x-ray of it tommorow just to be sure it's nothing long term, but all seems good.
Way ta go arm.. you're fuckin hardcore.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

..but why is it called trainspotting?

Music: TV on the Radio

Just finished watching Trainspotting - a movie that I have been meaning to watch for years and in fact a large assortment of people have been telling me to watch it and being shocked when I say I have never seen it - and that's a pretty damn fine movie. I don't get why it is called Trainspotting, though.
..well, actually, that isn't qute true.
I didn't know, so I went and looked it up and found out that it is called that because in the book that it is based off of, and old drunkard asks a couple of them in they are trainspotting while they are actually using the train station as a toilet. Yeah. Also, the old guy aparently turned out to be Begbie's estranged father. So, it is named after the book it is based upon which took it's name solely from one passing comment in one unlikely scene that didn't actually get included into the movie.
What a roundabout name.

Still sweet movie all round. Fuckin accent's, man. So hard to catch stuff - especially Spud's lines.

Was expecting them to round up the plotline with Diane a bit more (or at all), but who knows.. maybe they do in the book and decided to just, y'know, not finish that bit in the movie...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Who watches the movie?

Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers (Quixoticelixir is my current favourite song)

Saw Watchmen with some friends friday evening. It had some pretty high hopes to live up to - and it did.. pretty damn well. I had issues with it, but the book itself is so freaking good and difficult to transform into a different medium that i think they did a damn fine job. My main problem with it was the soundtrack. Now, all of the songs were wicked - for the most part original versions or covers of 70's or 80's classic rock stuff - but other than a few examples they usually didn't fit with the scenes and they certainly didn't fit with each other. It was one of the most incohesive soundtracks I have heard. Good songs though.
The opening montage during the title credits alone was worth the price of admission, though. That was fantastically done - I love movies with cool credits.
And Rorschachs outfit (basically his mask) was perfect.
And great casting (for the most part. Laurie and Veidt coulda been better, but they were alright for the characters)

And I love how even though they didn't have the squid, they managed to put in an homage to it in the form of a briefly visible acronym S.Q.U.I.D. on the control screens for Veidt's machine framing John.

You gotta have the squid.. dammit..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Why arm no werk?

Music: Penny Arcade podcast

So, this will be a short post as typing is no good right now for reasons I am about to explain.
Somehow this morning I managed to dislocate my own shoulder.. yes, that's right. Dislocated my own shoulder. Now, it's not like it came out and then someone had to come over and force it back in or anything. It popped back in by itself, sat down in the back for a bit (I was at work) and then went home. The stupiddest thng about all this is what happened to cause this.. I was stretching because my arm and shoulder and back were all sore because i had slept on them weird (due to going to sleep drunk on wednesday), just trying to stretch my arm out a bit, then all of a sudden there was a sickening pop, my arm lengthened a bit, and the whole arm rotated ninety degrees at the shoulder.
Then it went back in and everything was very painful for the next while.

Although if my shoulder hadn't popped back in by itself, I am pretty sure I know how to do it and could either explain to someone or do it myself. I think..

I have never actually had to try it...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Uuugh, My head hurts and I am going to sleep. I know that this isn't really a decent length for a post, but it is bed time. I may or may not make a double post some day over the weekend, or do an extra length one or something.
But for now, piss off.. or well, I guess it's me that's leaving, but whatever...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday is the new Thursday is the new Friday

Music: Penny Arcade podcast

So, just got in from going out for "a beer" with Krista. Ended up being a beer/wine, some food, and 3 martini's apeice (curse you martini wednesdays! ... you'd really expect martini mondays or something. Alliteration often tests well with the focus groups). Well, now here I am getting in at 1:00 on a wednesday with several hefty martinis in me on a wednesday - well I guess thursday now, whatevs.
I was drinking something.. can't remember the names - it was like a warna warrior or some stupid-assed name. The thing should been called an angry smurf in my opinion (it was bright blue). In fact, I want to create an Angry Smurf drink now. Gotta go get a bottle of blue curacao.
I love coloured mixed drinks. I am a fan of mixed drinks, period. But brightly coloured ones are extra awesome. The kinda ones where the colour isn't just a side effect of the drink (like all of those clear/brown/pinkish/red/whatever drinks), but is actually a part of the drink. Blue and purple especially rock.

Especially purple ones.

God, I gotta go sleep. Latez..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Haagen days

Music: Vinicion Capossela

Haagen Dazs may be the finest ice cream availiable from grocery stores. You can get better stuff at certain ice cream shops *cough* St. Clair's *cough* but as far as stuff commercially availiable in grocery stores, it's haagen dazs all the way. That shit is the shit. Unfortunately what I am currently eating in strawberry. Now don't get me wrong, I like their strawberry, and I would probably like all their other crazy "New Flavour"s if I were ever to actually try those new flavour, but really, it's all about plain old chocolate, and plain old coffee.
The two classics. They're just so good.
God, now I wish I had some of those even thought I am eating ice cream as we speak.. well, as I speak I guess really. But, to my sorrow, when I decided to get some haagen dazs the other week (I shouwed remarkable restraint in having it last this long) they were out of both chocolate and coffee. They had everything else, but not those two.

Don't that just suck.

Maybe I'll get some next time I go shopping.. no, be strong.. wait a bit at least.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sex? How many is best (I'm talking about genetics you pervs)

Music: Os Mutantes (heh, apropriate)

So, I was just over at the parent's house having dinner and watching firefly as we do every monday (and by every I mean two of the last three mondays and one sunday), and a large part of our dinner time conversation was about getic evolution and specifically why it is advantageous to have two sexes instead of just one or three or more.
No shit.
The conversation just naturally turned to that.
I think it start talking about internet memes, then that went to how Darwin came up with the term meme, and that led to why certain traits get involved. Then we talked about computer simulations to demonstrate evolution and how if they are just a couple simple rules, they then follow the same basic paths of cells and develope new traits and even organisms. And they will even change from asexual creatures to ones with two distinct sexes. But we couldn't think of why.
At first.
We could understand that more than one sex is better than just asexual reproduction. But we couldn't think of why two sexes is better than three (and it would seem that way cause there are no trisexual organisms), or even for that matter why there are both male and female sexes in many species. Why was this better than having two equal creatures that still shared they DNA without having one male and one female organism. But then I think we managed to work it out.
If there are two creatures involved in mating, one of them must be the one to give birth - but which one? The one that gives birth has a higher mortality rate, but it would stay evenly split until some started to mutate a trait that cause them to be less likely to be the childbearer. We'll call this the male (although at this point is is still childbearing, just less likely to do so). Since the male is less likely to bear the child, it has a higher survival rate and will over time become more and more likely to be the non-childbearing parent until eventually it will just is no longer able to bear children. This mutation would be so succesful compared to the child bearing parent that the concentration of non-childbearers would grow higher and higher compared to the childbearers. To a point.
Eventually there would be so many "males" compared to "females" that the males would start to decrease in population as there are too many compared to childbearing females to pass on the male's genes. The population would waver back and forth until it eventually reached an optimum equilibrium point and they balanced out. So, a male by itself would thrive as a sex, only so long as there are still enough females there to give birth to new males. It eventually forms a symbiotic/parasitic relationship between the two sexes.
And so now I am done with my crazy evolution blathering. If you enjoyed it, good for you. If you didn't well, you coulda left, so whatevs.

... man, krista is totally not gonna let the fact that I just refered to males as parasitic go.

Assuming she read all the way to the end. We shall see...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dats and cogs

Music: The Mountain Goats (I just discovered these guys and they are wicked. Really liking em so far)

Rain, rain, go away.... seriously, piss off.
Not a fan of rain. Well, that's not quite true. I do like rain in the summer or late spring when it is warm and when I am out there by choice and can go in when I want. I like big honking thunderstorms when watched from indoors. I love rain in the summer when I am at the cottage and swimming - if you have never swum in a lake in the rain, you gotta go try it, but not when there is thunder. Unless I don't like you. If that's the case, go nuts.
I do not like the rain when it is cold rain.
I do not like the rain when I have to walk somewhere in it.
Guess which ones happened tonight... warm and voluntary? Congratulations, you win a slap in the face for being a dumbass. Somebody slap this waste of skin.
I am inside and dry now (no shit, Arthur, really? you mean you aren't blogging out in the rain?) shut the hell up, me. Hopefully this week will have some nice warm and dry weather and I can get some more nice long walks in - maybe even some running.

God, I am so out of shape. Gotta do something about that.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nom nom nom nom

Wee, given that I just drank a bottle of wine, I am going to write this like Krista (he he he, sorry k).
saturday night.. alone here in my place.. kinda wished that I had gone out today... had a bunch of sort of plans made... different plans, different groups of people... none of them happenend.. people were busy, people didn't want to do stuff... it's raining and I don't want to walk in the rain... don't wan't to stand around waiting for buses in rain... don't want either....
writting like people is tough.. why did I decide to do this.. should just write like me.. no.. screw that.. gonna keep writting stuff that just comes in my head.. bet if K were writting this it'd say boys are dumb or something like that by now...
mmm wine... I feel all nice and warm inside right now.. stupid high tolerance.. I wish I could get drunk easier.. had most of a bottle and I am barely even on my way to drunk... even tipsy is an exaggeration... curse you english and irish and scottish people.. wait, that's me.. curse you, me!!!
god this is so.. random? does random work.. I wonder how long I should write for.. ah bugger this, I'm going to bed or something... go read a book or whatever the kids are doing these days...

boys are dumb.... dammit

Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh my god! They're everywhere

So, The other day I was talking with a friend at work and for some reason the suggestion came up of making a giant army of clones of her - but not like obedient mind controlled clones. Just free-willed copies wandering the city by the hundreds. Of course though, then you wind up with crowds of.. y'know, I think I will use Krista's system of nicknames for people I write about in here.
Crap. This then means that I am talking about an army of cloned Dopples running around.
Heh, dopple dopples...
Anyways, then you have hordes of dopple clones hanging around on street corners all over the city bein all sassy and sarcastic. It'd just be too much to take. Just so many of em. This'd then lead to her having to gather the dopples that she trusted to go form a secret guerrila vigilante group to fight off the other dopples. But how would you tell them apart? They could all be slightly different. Like one is louder, and one likes the colour blue, and one is more timid, and one is even sassier then the template. Kinda like a set of personality trait sliders for each of em.
Then she started saying that there'd need to be an equal number of krista clones, but that is just a terrifying thought. So much snarky sarcasm. The city just couldn't take it. Besides, the krista clones'd totally fight each other until one'd take over and subjugate all the others and stand around drinking coffee with one hand and taking the coffees of other krista's with the other and ordering some more timid kristas to hold all the spoils of war she'd taken off of the others.
God, clones get confusing.

If there was a clone army of me, I don't think we'd fight or really do all that much. Just kinda kickin back and occasionally heckling passerbys.

Oh, and eating all the candy in the city.

They'd have to airdrop more in to placate us...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vampires are weird

So, just started watching this Tru Blood show on the recomendation of my cousin.
Two episodes in and so far I am loving it. The characters are all cool, fleshed out and well played and there's lots of variation in them while still all being consistent to the show and setting. Concept is a neat one and they seem to be bringing up some good ideas and points. Only real complaint is that, so far at least, all of the vampires except for the main one all just seem like classic "ooh, look at us, we are gothy and spooky" charicatures of themselves. But this is a minor thing that I bet will improve later as more are introduced. But loving it so far.

Also, main character is Anna Paquin, and that's never a problem.

She's fucking gorgeous, and that accent... ahh, wonderful.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Comence mit ze shooting!

Heh heh heh... german is such a funny language.

I need to go out and do stuff more often. I am spending way too many of my evenings and weekends just sitting here in my apartement. And, yes, it has been cold and I sometimes blame that. And yes, recently lots of my friends have been really busy/unavaliable/lazy/whatevs and I blame that too sometimes (probably more often). And yes these are both legitimate problems in the way of going out and doing stuff, but the truth is that a lot of the time I just don't go out.
Just me.
It's not the cold or lake of other people.
If I really wanted to, I could always just go out and do something myself. There is nothing stopping me from doing that. Except for the fact that I have become a lazy shut=in for a large part and will just not get around to doing anything. And this shit has got to stop.
I need to go do stuff. Emphasis on the "I" part.

Now, let's see if I actually follow my own advice.

God knows I ignore it a lot...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Music: The Minutemen

So, for those who don't know, A few years ago I was off at university - McMaster to be exact - studying engineering. For all of one year. I needed to pick something (well, figured that I did) and engineering seemed like a thing that could fit with me.
It didn't.
Couldn't stand most of my courses. Not that can't do it, I just don't and the way that they teach stuff is a) not how I learn, and b) not something that can motivate me to try to work (the methods of most teachers don't work for me). So, I didn't do much work, didn't learn stuff and got mostly passes, but nothing great. Now, some of this can be atributed to the fact that just dislike the classroom setting and loath the lecture hall - school isn't really my thing. The fact that I only actually intrinsicaly enjoyed one of my courses for itself was not a good sign. I think a lot of it is just that the program wasn't what I wanted to do after all. I keep thinking that I need to go back to school at some point, but can never think of what I would want to do.
A few weeks back, while getting a ride home from dinner at my parent's with a friend of the family's, she metioned that maybe I should think of going into library science (I think it's actually called information science or something - basically librarian stuff). Now this seemed to me to just be another person saying that "I should think of their field, it's really quite fascinating, don'cha think". But the more I think about it, the more it occurs that this could actually be a pretty decent match. Enough that I may do a little researchin into what is involved in the whole program and all.
Who knows. Could be cool.

.. well, maybe not cool as such, but interesting at least.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A glitch in the matrix

Music: Neko Case

Wll, I returned from dinner and Firefly at my parent's last night (and dinner was excellent, thank you for asking), and lo and behold my internet was dead. Totally dead, done and kaput. Nothing there. Tried all the standard things, and none of it did andything. And since it was late and I was all full of coconut chicken, I decided that I would just go to bed and the blog could wait til morning - assuming the tubes were back up.
They were.
I am not going to do an extra to make up for it, because.. um.. I don't want to. I got home from work today and this involved a whole bunch of waiting in blistering cold for streetcars and buses. Hell, it was even cold all day at work. Rediculously so. I have gone all of this winter never being too cold, but I guess my mind and body figured that we were done with massive cold snaps for the year and that it would be safe to get into a spring mindset. I mean, it is March.
Fuck you, Canada. Fuck you.
I normally love you so much, and actually totally love your cold (most of the time), but cut this shit out. Enough already.

Seriously, brah.

(that one's for you, Krista)