Monday, March 2, 2009

A glitch in the matrix

Music: Neko Case

Wll, I returned from dinner and Firefly at my parent's last night (and dinner was excellent, thank you for asking), and lo and behold my internet was dead. Totally dead, done and kaput. Nothing there. Tried all the standard things, and none of it did andything. And since it was late and I was all full of coconut chicken, I decided that I would just go to bed and the blog could wait til morning - assuming the tubes were back up.
They were.
I am not going to do an extra to make up for it, because.. um.. I don't want to. I got home from work today and this involved a whole bunch of waiting in blistering cold for streetcars and buses. Hell, it was even cold all day at work. Rediculously so. I have gone all of this winter never being too cold, but I guess my mind and body figured that we were done with massive cold snaps for the year and that it would be safe to get into a spring mindset. I mean, it is March.
Fuck you, Canada. Fuck you.
I normally love you so much, and actually totally love your cold (most of the time), but cut this shit out. Enough already.

Seriously, brah.

(that one's for you, Krista)

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