Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Motha Fock

Music: Junior Mafia

So I am obviously just not allowed to have technology. Broke my Ipod a week ago, and the last Friday morning (as part of my worst day ever) Ibroke my cell phone. Yeah, seriously. Phone and Ipood in a week - hoo fucking ray! I just don't get to have spare money to spend on anything else for a while.

Although, to be fair, I had had the old phone for like 5 years give or take a few months. This new one is now my second phone and the first one with a plan - I have just been using pay as you go cards since I first got my phone.

Well, onwards and upwards to phone numbah too!

.. dammit.

Monday, June 15, 2009

God Fucking Dammit

Music: none (see yelling)

Alright, so for those who are unawares, I am a complete tool. For a week or so now I have been meaning to change up the music on my ipod but kept putting it off. This morning while eating breakfast at my desk (so I could watch Weeds), decided to do something about this and went to plug my ipod in.

And promptly dropped it.

Right in my fucking bowl of cornflakes and milk.

Needless to say, the ipod is fucked, do to being filled with milk that then evaporated to leave it filled with a sticky cheese-curd like substance.

Well, I went to the apple store to get a new one (a better one. Faster. Stronger. We have the technology.. well, not me, but somebody does). So on the plus side, at least I have a shiny new purple music box to carry around with me. On the downside though, I am out about two hundred bucks.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fuckin ay

Music: Dinosaur Jr

So, just got back from a nice dinner with the family at the grandmother's (we had stew and strawberry rhubarb pie - the best kind of pie). Realised I had left my oj carton on the counter for about 8 hours. Can orange juice go bad? It says keep refrigerated, but hopefully it'll be fine cause I plan to keep on drinking it. Here's hoping I don't get a stomach ache. But I'm not gonna throw it out - I mean I just bought it this morning.

Had a damn fine shindig last night over at Krista's place for my birthday. There was bunches of beer. There was good peeps. There was lots of music, accompanied by dancing and singing along at the tops of our voices. There was the yelling of innapropriate things from the 17th floor balcony to friends waiting at the bus stop below. And there was a big piece of blank canvas nailed to the wall wich we all decide to draw and write on as an impromptu guest book. It's got lots of innapropriate quotes and a big-assed penguin/stegasaurus/godzilla drawn by Josh - Sush's mister. Check out Krista's blog for a picture of it.

Damn good show all around if I do say so myself.

And to think I was just planing to go to the pub with people...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

On another note

Oh, hey, on an entirely different note,

Happy Birthday Me!

Going off to a "surprise" party Krista is throwing me.
Not really a surprise anymore cause that woman is incapable of not telling you something she is excited about, but woo! I get a party, and don't have to shit for it.

I had only planned to go to the bar with some people, but awesome.

You rock Krista.



Music: Bran Van 3000

So, who here knows Bran Van? Seriously? I bet lots of the population knows Drinking in LA (a justifiably awesome song), and lesser numbers prolly know Everywhere and that We Go Shopping song.
And this is just a damn shame.

Bran Van are prolly one of the most well rounded all over good bands out there. I fucking love these guys. They have stand-alone awesome songs, but also each of their three albums all work as a whole and flow from song to song really well. And these songs on each cd are constantly shifting through different genres.
Rock.. check.
Indie rock stuff.. check.
Hip hop.. check.
Electronic stuff.. check.
Really dancy songs.. check.
Mellow folky songs.. check.
Reggae.. yep, somma that too.

And they pull them all off fantastically.

If you don't already know and love them, go get some. If you just want to get one, I would reccomend starting with Rose (the newest), but seriously you should get the other too (Glee and Discosis) right afterwords. There is not a bad one among them.

Mentok commands you to procede!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kill a party, Ressurect it

Music: Jens Lekman

Well, it has been quite a while since I wrote in this and this is a fact that I think that I should remedy post-haste. The plan is to restart posting something everyday and seeing how long I can keep that up this time.

BAM! Lets do this.

Ahem, there is something that I feel the need to say cause you can't really tell on a blog unless the person annoyingly uses all caps (a cardinal sin that should be punished by inserting the offending keyboard into the offender - wherever, it doesn't matter. I am sure it will be equaly painful). Unfortunately I am going to break this once, conciously to help get a point across.


See, there, done. No need to continue. The thing is, that even though in life I am a loud person most of the time, that does not mean I am allowed to type in all caps. That is just a really obnoxious thing to do.

Anyways, I will leave with just this short post because it is the first one back and I am really tired and it is one thirty in the morning and I have work tommorow. So I am going off to bed, and you lot can just sit there and stew on this.

.. or y'know, you can go to sleep too. It's not really all that crucial.