Saturday, June 6, 2009


Music: Bran Van 3000

So, who here knows Bran Van? Seriously? I bet lots of the population knows Drinking in LA (a justifiably awesome song), and lesser numbers prolly know Everywhere and that We Go Shopping song.
And this is just a damn shame.

Bran Van are prolly one of the most well rounded all over good bands out there. I fucking love these guys. They have stand-alone awesome songs, but also each of their three albums all work as a whole and flow from song to song really well. And these songs on each cd are constantly shifting through different genres.
Rock.. check.
Indie rock stuff.. check.
Hip hop.. check.
Electronic stuff.. check.
Really dancy songs.. check.
Mellow folky songs.. check.
Reggae.. yep, somma that too.

And they pull them all off fantastically.

If you don't already know and love them, go get some. If you just want to get one, I would reccomend starting with Rose (the newest), but seriously you should get the other too (Glee and Discosis) right afterwords. There is not a bad one among them.

Mentok commands you to procede!

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