Friday, February 13, 2009

Dogs are stupid

Music: M.I.A. (yeah, I know, I am on an M.I.A. kick right now)

So, I just saw the funniest thing outside of my apartement coming home from work today. There was this woman walking a pair of little dogs. I don't think they were scotties, but whatever they were, it was a pair of shaggy little dogs on one of those leashes that is just one leash except for the last foor or two, so they are right next to each other. They're snuffling along doing doggy things when they come to a street pole and both walk past it.
On opposite sides of the pole.
They quickly reach they end of their awailiable leash and get yanked around the pole towards each other and then stop abruptly. And growl at each other. And then they just go at it.
So, I am standing there on the sidewalk, astounded at the sight of two shaggy little dogs just going crazy at each other, fighting and howling and, of course, tangling their leash up and wrapping it around the pole to the point that they are basically tied to the pole and each other, while this woman just stands there shocked.
She snaps out of it and pulls them apart and untangles the leash eventually, and the dogs calm down, but holy shit, it was funny to watch.

Well, I'm of to go drink my face off now.
Arthur out!

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