Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Curse you, fragile human biology!

Music: Rilo Kiley

Why, in the name of almighty Thor (or whoever the hell is in charge of the weather these days) is my apartement so gods damned hot? Seriously, I understand that it has become warmer (hence the rain), but it's not even mid February yet.
I get home from work today and the apartement is sweltering. So I go an turn my radiators off the remaining tiny fraction that I had them turned to during the cold snaps. It's still too hot. So, I open all of my windows up. Maybe this'll do something.
Hah, I can always dream I guess.
So I proceed to drink like 2 or 3 litres of cold water - not all at once, but over like an hour or two. No joy. This doesn't seem to do anything other than force me to go take a piss. Well, worth a try.
So, I am sitting here in my apartement, blogging in boxers (one of the primary reasons living alone rocks), and contemplating what the hell is causing this. Now either we are having a very unfeasibly hot heat wave (yeah, I know, possible, but unlikely), or else I think I just have a bit of a fever.
Well, given that everyone else at work has been sick a whole bunch (all winter, but especially right now), and that I was feeling all that great earlier today, I feel that this is probably just the form that my catching this flu is taking. All-in-all not too bad. Could be worse. Could be up-chucking right now.

Still, wish it wasn't so damned hot.

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