Thursday, February 26, 2009

Like the gaze of Satan himself (if, y'know, he was a 70 year old woman)

Music: Garbage

Wow. I just got back from getting some groceries and there was this woman at the store. Old lady, prolly 60's to 70's somewhere, with the most horrible soul-withering glare. Hell, even her whole look and everything about her. There was just something. I swear, if we were to follow her, she eats babies.
Probably adults too.
Maybe unicorns. And puppies.
And unipuppies.
oookay..... enough of that.
But seriously, everything about her just looked so horrible and evil. And after seeing her and deciding all of this, I kept running into her all over the store. She was even waking very uncomfortably close behind me for about and aisle and a half - and grocery store aisles are big.
Fortunately I made it out unscathed, but I worry for the safety of our town and all those in it.

Especially the unipuppies.


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