Saturday, February 14, 2009

I just ate a reindeer

Music: Rilo Kiley

So, umm, yeah. Reindeer. The thought of it is kind of odd, mostly cause of the fact that we have such strong associations of childhood and santa connected to reindeer (eating santa would be weird - aside from the whole cannabalism angle, he'd prolly be really gristly). I mean, if you stop and think about it, it's really just another animal, but we have different attachments to different animals cause of previous events in life. I mean, if you grew up with a pet chicken I bet you probably wouldn't like eating chicken (or hell, maybe you'd like it more, who knows - people are messed up). And I have never even seen a reindeer, much less grown emotionally attached to one, but because of the saturation of santa storie in our culture aimed at children growing up, a love of reindeers is drilled into our minds.
But, hey, a finnish family who are friends of my dad's were visiting and we had brunch together and they had brought smoked reindeer with them among other things. And in Finland, noone thinks twice about eating reindeer. Other cultures, go figure. I bet they find many of out cultural quirks messed up. And good lord Canada is a strange place when looked at from the outside.
But we never notice it cause we live here. And so, I ate imported smoked reindeer for brunch.
And so, my Saturday got off to a strange start.

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