Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Critical Insight

Music: none (watching dollhouse ep 2)

So, just watching the second episode of this new Wheddon show Dollhouse. Not quite sure my opinion on the show yet, though. Concept is interesting but has many potential holes in it - although any new sci-fi concept has holes when it is first introduced that then get explained around later once they get to appropriate episodes. It seems pretty cool but I think a lot of it will come down to whether they just play it as an action sci-fi conspiracy show, or if they use the ripe controversial topic, core to the show, of memory/personality construction/manipulation to actually say something about nature of though and conciousness, free will, rights comparisons to slaves/indentured servants, etc. and spark some discourse. So far it seems like a cool action sci-fi show with some nice action sequences that seems mostly a vehicle for putting Elisa Dushku in as many sexy/revealing/not-actually-anything outfits as posible. Not that I would complain about this - she's hot - but this makes nice icing on a show, but is not sufficient to actually carry a show as a "concept".
At least the show has a pretty sweet cast. Fred from Angel, Helo from Battlestar, obnoxious captain guy from Matrix 2 and 3, awesome british lawyer from BSG/Badger from Firefly (having him appear was an awesome surprise - that guy rocks).

We shall see. Only two episodes so far. Hopefully it's not cancelled too quickly.

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