Wednesday, February 18, 2009


(not sure why the title is Shazam! really, just seemed like the thing to do)

Music: Santogold

Why won't this damned cold go away? I have avoided or just kicked the microscopic asses of all illnesses to come near me all winter and I always tell people that "I just don't get sick", which is basically true. I guess my body just fights off sickness really well, and I also take care of myself pretty well whenever I feel some sickness coming on. No medicine or any of that - I just get lots of rest, live off soup for a large part, drink buckets of fluids to drown the germs and just keep on with my normal life as usual. Oh.
There's your problem right there.
I felt something coming on friday evening, but instead of resting and taking it easy, I went off drinking and then waited in the cold for a bus for like 40 minutes. And then proceeded to go out and do stuff every day and night of the long weekend. Guess I know why I haven't kicked this cold yet.
Guess it's my fault.

.... screw that noise. Lets just blame someone else.

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