Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The name is Tevlin... Arthur Tevlin... nah, not as impressive

Music: none (watching Quantum of Solace)

The Bond movies may be of of the greatest film franchises going. Seriously, I freaking love these movies. I am a fan of action movies. I like crime movies. I like conspiracy movies. I like movies filled with crazy gadgets. I like people making witty quips while fighting. I like movies set in Britain or focusing around brits. I love evil masterminds with huge elaborate take-over-and/or-destroy-the-world schemes (especially mad scientists).
Bond has all of these.
Sure, it has it's hits and misses and some of the guys playing Bond are not nearly as good as the others, but the thing as a whole is fantastic. Now, any time I would have a conversation with someone about who the best bond was, my answer would always be a very quick "Connery, of course. are you crazy? Who else could you pick." And I would usually vote Pierce Brosnan as second, followed possibly by Roger Moore.
With the most recent two, however, Daniel Craig has kicked the crap out of Brosnan and all the others, and with now having watched Quantum, I think that I have to reluctantly place him above Mr. Connery (sad though it may make me). I also totally love having Judy Dench as M. She is fantastic and Dench is amazind in everything.
Brosnan himself actually kind of bugs me in all of his movies, but everything else about them is so good that I place the Brosnan Bond movies so high despite not actually liking him much.

And especially above all, Sean Bean as Alec Trevalyan in GoldenEye is without a doubt the greatest Bond villain to date. I hope they do manage to surpass him someday, but I really doubt it.

He's just too much concentrated awesome.

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