Sunday, February 8, 2009

On the plus side, there's a pie in my fridge...

Music - Coconut Records

So, the other night I went out drinking with some friends. It was quite a splendid evening all round if I do say so myself. Well, I didn't so much "go out" as go to one of their apartements so that we could all drink our faces off.
And hang out.
And chat.
And listen to music.
And dance to said music.
It was quite a fun evening, but the problematic part didn't come until very shortly after I left.
Let's set the scene. It's about 3-something in the morning. I am walking to the bus-stop with one of the aforementioned friends. I am at least slightly drunk. And we are walking up a ramp which is covered in ice. I think you can guess where this is going. Or at least you think you can.
We get a fairway up okay, when I then completely bail. Well, I have quite a bit of experience with falling, and so I have become quite good at it, or at least at the whole falling but not hurting myself part. This usually involves throwing my arms out to break my fall, and this all went fine.
Except my hand was in my pocket.
..... yeah, that's your problem right there.
I managed to not hurt myself, but in the process, punched my fist right through side of my coat.
I sewed it up, but it still looks a little odd (I am not a very good sewer.... seamster.... needleguy?) and I will probably just end up buying a new coat.


At least I have pie.