Saturday, March 20, 2010


Music: me bashing away at a piano hoping some semblance of music comes out. (it's nice to dream. one of these days it'll sound better)

Hello citizens of Blogonia.

Meant to do this a bit ago, but I am doing it now. Finally getting around to starting to write stuff up here again. I took a break of a while, then started a tumblr account instead, then discovered I don't really like tumblr and it has taken me this much time to get back to writing here.

Although, to be fair, I do have a fair bit of shit going on at the moment.

Currently that involves the Plan(tm) to quit my job in the fall (or at least cut back hours to just a shift or two a week), and then go back to school full-time starting then. The Plan(tm) says U of T for physics or physics/comp-sci.

So says the Plan(tm).

Of course the Plan(tm) is still waiting on U of T telling me whether or not they are going to let me in or not. Here's hoping for yes. But if I do get a no, I feel that I should then still quit my job and do something nice and big to shake up my life. Cause I am very notorious for falling into ruts, and I think I feel one growing here.

I need a change...

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