Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Music: the silence of the morning (maybe I should put something on)

So, I never do new year's resolutions. Well, that's not entirely tre, I probably was told to make them on some years in the past when I was a kid - they seem to feel that this is another one of the yearly traditions that you should make kids take part in in elementary school. Making resolutions to improve yourself at this one specific part of the year that you don't really plan to keep, just cause all the other people are seems weird. But I don't currently, and haven't for years and never did when it was not up to me.


Second week of January, I joined a gym and have made myself rules about the minimum frrequency I am allowed to go to it - even have a gym pact with my friend Holly where if one of us misses a week, they owe the other lunch.

And last week of December, I started trying to teach myself to play the piano. All throughout my childhood we had to learn one instrument or another and I often resented my parents for it. Since then I have on occasion decided "I am going to learn to play X", and would get hold of it, play for a couple of months or so and then stop. Except this time I seem more focused on it.

But these are not new year's resolutions. Sure, They are things that I resolved to do. And they do all fall into similar groups to a lot of resolutions. And they both happened within two weeks of new years. But that was all totally coincidental. The gym membership was a gift for christmas, and piano playing motivation came from seeing my family a lot over the holidays. And since many of them play music and bust the instruments out at any large gathering, it was making me wish that I played an instrument again.

So, aside from being at the same time as new years resolutions and having the same sort of content as new years resolutions, this was all just a fluke and most assuredly not a new years resolution.

Definitely not.

It was a fluke.

I swear...

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