Monday, September 20, 2010


Music: Dance Little Liar (the arctic monkeys)

Went out saturday night with a bunch of friends and had one hell of a time. Well, they are a "bunch of friends" of mine now, but at the start of the evening I only knew two and had met another three or four a few times, and none of them very recently. It was a going away party for my old friends Mark and Cheryl who are taking off to England for a year so that Mark can do post-grad work and so that Cheryl can.. well.. be on vacation in England, basically. We used to be really really tight between 4 years ago and 2 years ago, but the thing is, we hadn't seen each other in nearly two years. When I got an invite to this on facebook I was quite surprised since we hadn't kept in touch, but figured that I would go to even just have a one night reunion before they took off. So what if I wouldn't know anyone else.

Well, it was friggin' awesome. So glad that I did. Met something like 30 other friends of their's that had come to see them off and they are one hell of a bunch of people. It was a great time and now I know another 20 or 30 brand new amazingly interesting people. And sure, likely many of them I will not see again or at least not for a while, but if I stay in contact with even one of them, then that is a brand new friend, and making new friends gets harder and harder as you move through life. And even should I never see any of them again, then we all had a great night and that is all that even matters.

So, whatever the outcome from it, the decision to go out and see them again is already thoughroughly in the "win" column and anything past this is just bonus.

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