Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hey look, the blog is still here.

So, just checked the last posted date and I can't believe that it back in july, and that was really only just a rant that I wrote because I needed to vent some anger. But that doesn't really count. So starting here on today, the 18th of September, that most auspicious of dates, we begin again and will try to keep up some semblance of continuous writing. Maybe we will try to make a bunch of posts about music and the new bands I find.

Once more into the breach.

Music: Like a hitman, like a dancer (A.C. Newman)

Went and saw the New Pornographers a couple of months back and what a show that was. AC Newman and Neko Case were perfectly on form and the rest of the band were right up there with them, all throwing themselves into the performance one hundred percent.

All except for Dan Bejar. He seemed to have decided that his role in the band should be that of the whiny, entittled diva. The show began and he was not there for the first few shows, but I neither really noticed nor minded all that much since I'm not that big a fan of his. Then one of his vocal songs was about to start, so he wandered (would shambled be more accurate?) onto stage and up to the mike and sung the song. And while he was singing, he was pretty decent, but the showmanship was non-existent.

With his song finished, he grabbed his guitar and remained onstage to play rhythm guitar for the next song. At least supposedly. The entire song he spent with his back to the audience and for all we know he could have just be standing there moving his arms slightly and not actually playing anything. There was nop real way to tell since he woul moodily stand there facing the drums instead of the crowd of fans who are paying him to be here.

Then he left the stage. After the one vocal and one song of guitar.

He remained off stage for a song or three, and for the rest of the show followed this same pattern. He would lurk offstage for a few songs, then come out, sing one, play one, and then leave again like some moody guest artist who is deigning to do everyone else a favour by being there. Unbelievably unprofessional.

Newman and Neko and the rest of the band, I still love you all and you totally rocked out the whole show even without him and reached such astonishing levels of excellence.

But one fact remains.

Dan Bejar is a Douche.

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