Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Theatre (of movies, not actual theatre)

Music: happy the man (the cure)

It's strange. I don't go to see movies in the theater that often. I will usually wait for them to come out later, rather than pay exhorbitant amounts to see them on a big screen. But for some reason, this summer has been different. Not only have I been to see four different movies in the theater over the past 3 months or so, but three of those movies, I went to see twice each.

First there was Inception, which is one hell of a damn fine movie and if you haven't seen it yet, then go see it right now. Probably two or three times. Well, I was gonna try and get the guys to go see it one week back in July, but just before I could, they went and saw it while I was out of town camping. So, cause of this I then went to see it myself a few days later. Then, not two weeks later, my family went to go see it when my half-brother Stefan was in town, so I went to see it again.

Then a few weeks later Scott Pilgrim came out. Now, this is one of my favourite comic series and even though I was a little reticent about Michael Cera playing Scott, of course I would go see it. However lots of people I know love it, so I ended up going to see it with my workies on the Saturday after it came out, and then with the guys the following tuesday. Then, on the friday, my other half-brother Tycho was in town and the two of us decided to go see a movie and have a guy's night. He hadn't see it yet, so Scott Pilgrim was the first choice, but it ended up being sold out so we went to see The Expendables instead. But I was this close ( ) to seeing it three times in the first week it was out. And all credit to Cera, he did a pretty decent job as Scott. The entire rest of the movie was phenomenally well cast, though, so he seems to not fit as well in comparisson.

Now, as for the Expendables, that is such a bad piece of garbage dumb action movie, but goes almost far enough that I am not quite sure if it is funny-bad or just bad-bad. But this didn't stop me seeing it again. I was out getting dinner with the guys and they wanted to go see it, and I figured "eh, it's cheap movie tuesday, it's just four buck, why the hell not". and so even though I can't decide if I even like the movie or not, I ended up seeing it twice.

The fourth movie was was brought all this up in my mind. Went to see Easy A a couple of days ago, and I am pretty much positive that I will end up seeing it again, maybe even two more times, it is just that damn good (although the expendables set the precedent that quality doesn't mean much for my watching habits, i guess).

Gonna write up an actual review of Easy A tonight or tommorow, but for now, this is getting long enough.

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